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Top 20 Pros and Cons of Buying and Selling Waterfront Property

20/20 The Pros & Cons of Buying and Selling Waterfront Properties

Waterfront properties are a dream for many homeowners. The allure of living by the water is undeniable, but it’s essential to consider both the advantages and disadvantages before making such a significant investment. Here at the Olsen Team, we have years of experience buying and selling waterfront homes here in Kitsap. That’s why we present 20 pros and 20 cons of buying waterfront property to help you make an informed decision.


  1. Stunning Views: Waterfront properties offer breathtaking scenic views that can be therapeutic and visually appealing.
  2. Access to Water Activities: You can enjoy various water activities like swimming, boating, fishing, and kayaking right at your doorstep.
  3. Potential for Privacy: Waterfront properties often provide more seclusion and privacy compared to other homes.
  4. Investment Appreciation: Waterfront properties tend to appreciate in value faster than inland homes.
  5. Natural Beauty: Living by the water allows you to appreciate the natural beauty of the environment.
  6. Health Benefits: The calming effect of water can reduce stress and improve mental well-being.
  7. Unique Lifestyle: Waterfront living offers a unique and desirable lifestyle that many aspire to.
  8. Potential Rental Income: You can rent out your waterfront property for vacationers, generating additional income.
  9. Cooler Summers: Waterfront locations tend to have cooler summers due to the proximity to the water.
  10. Community Amenities: Waterfront communities often offer amenities like marinas, docks, and beaches.
  11. Wildlife Encounters: You’ll have the chance to observe and enjoy wildlife in their natural habitat.
  12. Romantic Ambiance: Waterfront settings are ideal for romantic evenings and special occasions.
  13. Natural Soundscape: The sound of water can be soothing and mask background noise.
  14. Increased Home Value: Waterfront homes typically have higher resale values.
  15. Prestige: Owning a waterfront property can be a status symbol.
  16. Recreational Opportunities: Waterfront living opens up opportunities for sports like paddleboarding and water skiing.
  17. Boating Convenience: Easy access to your boat makes boating a hassle-free experience.
  18. Sunset Views: Enjoy stunning sunsets over the water every evening.
  19. Social Opportunities: Waterfront communities often host social events and gatherings.
  20. Rental Income Potential: You can rent out your property for events like weddings and parties.


  1. High Cost: Waterfront properties are generally more expensive than inland properties.
  2. Limited Availability: Waterfront properties are scarce and can be challenging to find.
  3. Flood Risk: Waterfront homes are susceptible to flooding during storms and high tides.
  4. Higher Insurance Costs: Insurance premiums for waterfront homes can be costly due to flood risk.
  5. Maintenance Expenses: Waterfront properties may require additional maintenance due to exposure to the elements.
  6. Erosion: Coastal erosion can threaten the stability of waterfront properties over time.
  7. Noise: Depending on the location, there can be noise from boat traffic and water activities.
  8. Strict Regulations: Waterfront properties often have strict zoning and environmental regulations.
  9. Insects and Pests: Waterfront areas can attract insects like mosquitoes and pests.
  10. Limited Privacy: Passersby on boats may intrude on your privacy.
  11. Seasonal Variability: Some waterfront locations experience significant weather changes with the seasons.
  12. Longer Commutes: Waterfront homes may be further from urban centers, resulting in longer commutes.
  13. Wildlife Intrusion: Wildlife like seagulls and geese can become a nuisance.
  14. Limited Building Options: Zoning restrictions may limit the expansion or renovation of your property.
  15. Property Elevation: Some waterfront properties require elevating structures to mitigate flood risks.
  16. Resale Challenges: Selling a waterfront property can be more challenging due to the niche market.
  17. Limited Resale Audience: Not everyone is interested in living by the water.
  18. Limited Amenities: Remote waterfront locations may lack essential amenities and services.
  19. Property Taxes: Waterfront properties may have higher property tax rates.
  20. Environmental Responsibility: Owners must be environmentally responsible to protect water ecosystems.

Owning waterfront property comes with its share of advantages and disadvantages. It’s crucial to weigh these factors carefully and consider your lifestyle, budget, and preferences before making a decision. Whether you’re seeking tranquility, adventure, or both, waterfront living can be a fulfilling experience when you’re well-informed and prepared for its unique challenges. Looking to buy or sell a waterfront property? Give The Olsen Team a call today!

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